Tweed and me

The Weavers daughter


 Poetry is my main love, but I also love to sew the old-fashioned way – needle, thread, doing it slowly by hand. My dad is a weaver up on the Shetland Islands and I run a small business in which I combine his tweed and my sewing to make … things 

Artisan? Handmade!


 The poet in me refuses to use such industry-speak as ‘artisan’, ‘hand-crafted’, ‘boutique’, and so on, but that is what I do.  

New Day? New Things


 I never make the same thing twice, always changing the colours, the style, and after a short run of anything, I even go so far as to change what I am making completely.  

Made in Scotland


 These days I also like to make tweed covered stag heads and Scottish themed decorations, with all the tweed painstakingly hand cut and glued on over days and days and days.  

More sewing, less gabbing


 There have been chances in the past to take my little business on to the next stage, but I prefer to keep it as it is – the perfect balance between the joy of making / the demands of marketing 

Where do I sell?


Most of my items are listed year round on Ebay, and every November and December I set up my stall upstairs in the Hillhead Library in the West End of Glasgow. 

There's a handy link below too..

Got a minute? Have a look at some of my sewing

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Stitch in Time

A poem I wrote about sewing, that became part of the My Time Project, exhibited at StAnza, and I read at The Scottish Poetry Library