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Here you will find a six month record of publications, updated January and June. 

For a complete and up-to-date list go here:



‘Whiteout’ Armarolla Issue IV 

‘Remembering Dad’ Picaroon issue 15

‘Please,’ ‘Still Life be Rock Pool’   Pushing Out the Boat issue 15

‘Glass Bubble’ republished as poster for Renfrew Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

‘Mindin haet’ ‘Auld’  The New Shetlander no 288 Simmer 2019

‘Separation Anxiety’ Bonnie’s Crew issue 3

‘The Synesthetes Love Song’ ‘Ne’er Day Morning’ Nine Muses Poetry

‘He grows’ Ink, Sweat & Tears July 2019

‘Monophobia’ Black Bough Poetry issue 2