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Here you will find a six month record of publications, updated January and June. 

For a complete and up-to-date list go here:


 ‘Sheatlan Shores’ ‘Dunna sit idle’ ‘Da kettle keeled ower’ The New Shetlander Simmer edition 284

‘On a day like this’ ‘But on a day like this’ The Writers’ Cafe Magazine issue 11 “Into the Trees”

‘Me peerie een’ ‘My little one’ Three Drops from a Cauldron issue 23

‘Catchin Giants’ ‘Oppen Haands’ Poetry Scotland 100

‘Simmer Dim draems’ ‘Emigrant’ ‘We gadder tagidder’ The New Shetlander Hairst edition 285

‘Satellites navigate’ ‘Glass Flicks’ Nitrogen House issue 2

‘Took the moon’ ‘Dead eyes’ Intermission 1

‘Word Child’ Ink, Sweat and Tears, Oct 2018

‘Soothmoother’ Northwords Now issue 36, October 2018

‘The wild time’ ‘The behaviour of sheep’ ‘We will cover your expenses’ The Blue Nib Issue 36

'The Hill' 'Shores' (republished from Artificium 2)'Ballad of the Roadside’ Between These Shores Literary and Arts Annual, BTS Books 2018 issue 2