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Some examples of my work



Biscuit scented cream slides on  

as she prepares for the hunt.   

Long arms have been dusted with gold,  

generous black mascara hides the glue   

that holds thick lashes fast.   

Waxed lips pout provocatively   

as cleavage is pinioned in place.

 Gilded and sprayed with floral fumes,

  her eyes burn bright as she steps into night.  

She’s never felt more real than right now.   

First published Obsessed With Pipework issue 73


Mindin Haet

Aye I ken foo ta stert a blaze,  

foo ta bigg hit up layer be  

layer fir hit lowes sic haet  

inta dee fae dy haert ootwirds,  

fir du feels at du's da onnly  

een at's ivver felt siccan  

a burn as dis.  

Bit a'm nivver kent foo ta bank  

dat aze, foo ta hadd waarmth,  

wirk hit, keep dee an me afire  

an fin da wye o stoppin wis  

faan ta ess. An whitna wye  

dere is o keepin dee here  

wi me, I dunna ken. 

First published The New Shetlander issue 288



Spring/summer was a good time for me poetrywise - poems in Bonnie's Crew; Nine Muses Poetry; The New Shetlander; and Ink, Sweat & Tears.

But best of all was when my poem 'He grows' was voted Pick of the Month for July on Ink, Sweat & Tears. To be selected to be in the running was amazing enough, but then to win it and to read all the wonderful comments - I won't deny I shed a few tears.

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