Maxine Rose Munro - a bit about me

My background

I grew up in the Shetland Islands. Having never once set foot off the islands I left for Glasgow at age 18 and the subsequent culture shock has never left me.     

A Shetlander adrift on the outskirts of Glasgow.

I am OBSESSED with words. Not because I feel I am good with them, but because I always feel I have picked the wrong one, that a better one exists... if only I could think of it.    

My style

I have always loved a particular sound, one that is common in Scandinavian poetry (translated). There has always been a lot of Scandinavian poetry about up in Shetland. To my ear it has a wonderful stop/start sound, whilst being very precise and not at all pretentious. That has never changed.

Some examples of my work

Last Night

Late last night the universe tried to

write itself in a poem, one of   

space and depth, of dust and  

light, of how to be forever, but  

such a task is beyond even the

multiverse - failed words  

shuddered apart, fell away, 

broken pieces landed as snow and

covered the world with fractured

poetry, and so all life awoke and

wondered why the whole of  

forever lay on the ground.     

first published South Poetry Magazine issue 54

The Traveller

The door snaps shut, darkness

and light switch places, one cold

finds warmth in the fire. There's 

a meal, a drink, an empty bed. 

But who would turn away 

a stranger?   

But who would turn away, 

Stranger? Lightness and dark

switch places, the door snaps 

shut. Cold warmth in the fire, 

for there's one drink, a meal, 

an empty bed.  

first published OBSESSED WITH PIPEWORK no.79


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