Maxine Rose Munro - a bit about me

My background

I grew up in the Shetland Islands. Having never once set foot off the islands I left for Glasgow at age 18 and the subsequent culture shock has never left me.     

A Shetlander adrift on the outskirts of Glasgow.

I am OBSESSED with words. Not because I feel I am good with them, but because I always feel I have picked the wrong one, that a better one exists... if only I could think of it.    

My style

I have always loved a particular sound, one that is common in Scandinavian poetry (translated). There has always been a lot of Scandinavian poetry about up in Shetland. To my ear it has a wonderful stop/start sound, whilst being very precise and not at all pretentious. That has never changed.

Some examples of my work


Glass Bubble

 We have no champagne glasses that match 

but we have champagne, and that's a thing. 

And time to drink is another. And though 

the world be full of red and grey, I will 

sit with you. The grass needs cut but today

 was not made to kill daisies. Outside the world 

is dark and chores unnumbered make 

demands. Still in this bubble of glass  

unmatched I will sit and hold your hand.

Originally in Glasgow Review of Books



Today is the day I will unhitch myself 

from modern uptodating, uploading, 

downloading, twitterising, status 

checking life. I will pull up the anchor, 

untie the ropes and float into silence. 

I will gaze and nothing will happen 

and continue to happen. I will discover 

what I used to know - how to exist 

without virtual backup updates. To be 

and only to be me. Unplugged. A hard 

copy. So if you call, and find I'm not in,

 just pop a note through the letterbox

 to say you've been.

Originally in Obsessed With Pipework, issue 79



I am slightly amazed and very happy to report that between June 2018 and October 2018 I have had NINE Shetlandic Scots poems published, two of which appeared in the 100th edition of Poetry Scotland. Although, the six that appeared in the Simmer and Hairst editions of The New Shetlander will always be very special to me.   

I am even more amazed and utterly delighted to tell you that not only has Annest Gwilym, Editor of Nine Muse Poetry, nominated one of my poems for Best of the Net 2018, she has also nominated another for the Pushcart Prize.   

Check out the nominations for both here

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